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2010-5 アクセスランキング

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Hatoyama Cabinet E-mail Magazine No. 33 (June 4, 2010)音声ファイル

"Toward a New Japan"

Japan's political history has changed since that scorching summer
day of the general election last year. Spurred by the belief that
the change of government will definitely change the people's lives
for the better, I have since striven as the Prime Minister to this
very day to bring about politics in which the people of Japan play
the main roles.

We were able to pass budgets that are for the people. I am
convinced that our decision to transform Japan into a nation that
is supportive of children and promises a bright future, such as
through the introduction of the child allowance and free education
at public senior high schools, was not wrong.

We launched the individual household income support for farming
households aimed at rejuvenating primary industries, starting with
rice producers. We were also able to increase medical care outlays,
if only by a modest amount, in order to prevent the collapse of
medical care in the regions. We must redouble our efforts to
promote politics that values human life.

These policies, however, have not necessarily registered in the
hearts and minds of the Japanese public. It is to my great regret
that my lack of virtue was to blame for having lost the ears of the
Japanese public.

The issue of Futenma Air Station, where I caused great distress to
the people of Okinawa and Tokunoshima, is one of the reasons for
this state of affairs. Given the emerging tensions in the region,
including the sinking of the ROK Naval patrol vessel by North Korea,
it is necessary to seek peace and stability for Japan and East Asia.
I did my utmost to move the base out of Okinawa Prefecture, but
I was unable to achieve my objective. I extend my heartfelt apology.
However, we did manage to come to an agreement with the United
States on eliminating dangers and reducing the burden on Okinawa.

On another note, there was the matter of "politics and money."
I left the Liberal Democratic Party with the desire to create
a government that did not bear the taint of money. I had never
dreamed that I myself would have been employing a political aide
who was in violation of the Political Funds Control Act.
I apologize for having caused so much concern.

Make a clean break with the issue of "politics and money" and
restore the Democratic Party of Japan's reputation as a clean party;
that is what we truly must achieve.

I have so far pressed forward with policies with a view not only to
the Japan of today, but also to what Japan should be five, ten,
twenty years in the future.

A case in point is local sovereignty. We were able to open the way
to creating a Japan where the regions would take center stage,
based on the belief that a society that placed the national
government above the regional governments is wrong. Japan's
politics will undergo a fundamental change.

The new concept of public service: this is not yet a familiar term
to many. It means opening up services that had been monopolized by
the bureaucracy to the "public" in order to create a society where
the people truly play the main roles.

The East Asian community. At the Trilateral Summit Meeting with
China and the Republic of Korea (ROK) the other day, President Lee
Myung-bak, Premier Wen Jiabao, and I had an extended discussion
about creating a new era of "We are the one." By opening the nation,
we will be able to open up our future; that is my sincere belief.

I would like to express my gratitude to the people of Japan for
bringing about the change of government and giving me the
opportunity of marching at the forefront of the new politics. You
have my heartfelt apologies for resigning at the middle of our
journey. Notwithstanding, I have no doubts that the policies that
I have promoted will continue to be pursued in the future.

Thank you so much for being readers of this e-mail magazine during
these more than eight months.




 《2講座通し受講限定 早期特別割引 5/31まで!!》

   日 時: 6月16日(水)・17日(木) 10:00〜16:30 (休憩1時間あり)
   場 所: 大阪商工会議所 401号会議室
         (540-0029 大阪市中央区本町橋2-8)
   主 催: 大阪商工会議所
   受講料: 大商会員34,000円、非会員56,000円(テキスト代、昼食代、消費税込)
   お問合せ先:大阪商工会議所 国際部 小浜
  TEL:06-6944-6400  FAX:06-6944-6293



   日 時: 6月21日・24日・28日、7月1日・5日・12日・15日
 (毎週月・木 計7日間)  18:30〜20:30
   場 所: 大阪商工会議所4階 402号会議室
         (540-0029 大阪市中央区本町橋2-8)
   主 催: 大阪商工会議所
   定 員: 40名(定員に達し次第締め切ります。)
   受講料: 大商会員32,500円、非会員55,000円(消費税込)
   お問合せ先: 大阪商工会議所 国際部 小浜
  TEL:06-6944-6400  FAX:06-6944-6293


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